Hate mail

First of all, your are stupid. You don’t believe in what is real. If you believe in the theory of evolution, then why aren’t monkeys turning into humans now?? God exists and there is nothing you can say to discredit that fact. There is proof everywhere that He exists and if you don’t believe it you deserve to rot in the fiery chasms of hell. If you don’t believe then you are no better off than the Buddists who put their faith in a fat guy!! Reincarnation isn’t a reliogen! People who believe that believe old guys with white hair! Everybody who reads and believes this site, please turn to the right path. Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone reads this and sues this site. Good day.

If I may summarize your points as I understand them:

1) My are stupid.

2) I disbelieve reality.

3) If some monkeys turned into people, then why don’t all of them?

4) I can’t prove God doesn’t exist.

5) There is tons of proof that God exists, so if I disagree then I deserve to be horribly tortured for eternity.

6) Buddhists are bad.

7) Reincarnation is not a reliogen.

8) Anyone who thinks reincarnation is a reliogen believes old guys with white hair.

9) Freedom of speech should be actionable in a court of law.

And respond:

1) My spelling and grammar aren’t exactly perfect, but I can usually get through the first few words of a letter without incident. For future reference, this is particularly important when you are trying to convince others of your intellectual superiority.

2) Actually, my whole point is that I only want to believe in what is real, so far as I can determine what that is. Believing in things without evidence is called “faith,” and we try not to do that around here.

3) I don’t even know where to begin to answer this one — although recommending a good biology book might be a start. Evolution doesn’t require monkeys to turn into people. Your question is like asking, “If the wind knocked over a tree, why didn’t it knock over all the trees?”

4) You’re right — nobody can prove that something doesn’t exist. It’s assumed things don’t exist until evidence dictates otherwise.

5) I have yet to see any convincing proof of God’s existence, so if you have some I’d appreciate your sharing it. In any case, I can’t see how not being convinced by evidence is reason to be constantly tortured.

6) I certainly don’t agree that Buddhists are any worse than other religious people (and in my experience they are in general better than many), and I get the impression that you don’t know a whole lot about Buddhism in the first place.

7) Ignoring your spelling, I need to hear your definition of religion.

8) Okay, now I’m starting to think that you’re just joking with me. Or doing serious drugs.

9) (Sigh.)

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