January 2007

I AM A CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!! I read throughout all your “arguments” for atheism and I can prove you wrong. Whether you want to be is your choose. One of the questions I would love to ask you is that if there is no God, then there is no right or wrong, right? So if you are an american, then the events that happened on Sept. 11 wasn’t wrong, If your from Isreal, then Gunich wasn’t wrong, if your from Europe, then Hitler’s massacure wasn’t wrong. Try an d tell me that there is no God, thats the same as saying there is no right or wrong, which there is no matter where your from or what you say you believe. I would love to hear what you say about this. Thank you and can’t wait to see my comment posted on your site so the entire world can see.

First of all, IAmAnAtheist.com does not have any “arguments for atheism,” as you put it. It does have light-hearted counter arguments to some theistic arguments, but this is not the same thing as an argument for atheism. There is no need to prove that something does not exist — the people who believe that something does exist are the ones that need to do the proving.

Your argument for the existence of God based on standards for good and evil is both old and — in my opinion — weak. Why can’t there be good and evil without God? At best, I’d say that there is no guarantee of justice without God, but there still is good and evil.

Let’s look at it another way — how do you, personally define “good”? Can you define it without referring to God? If so, then God is not necessary for the concept of good to exist. If, on the other hand, you define “good” as (for example) obeying God, then the 9/11 terrorists would be “good” if they were correct that they were doing God’s will. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. I don’t think we want a definition of good that might include the inquisition, crusaders, slavery, or mass murder depending on how one interprets scripture.

I’d be happy to continue this discussion with you. If you could define what you mean by “good,” that would be a great starting point.

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