January 2007

I read an earlier response off yours and I must inform you of your error

“No, on the contrary all it would prove is that God has set up what is possibly the most bizarre means of getting into heaven ever conceived. In order to be “worthy” to spend eternity in a perfect place, it is not relevant whether you are as decent and selfless as Mother Theresa (who, as we will see soon, you believe went straight to Hell), but one must instead make one’s self believe a specific set of magic stories, even if reason dictates otherwise.”

Mother Theresa was a complete bitch. She received billions of dollars from millions of people (including some pretty damn rich ones) and yet let it sit in a vatican bank instead of using to help people as the donors intended. This is not all, but if you really look into it you’ll find that you can’t believe how much of a fraud the bitch was and how stupid the rest of the world is for never catching on.

I plead ignorance on the subject of whether Mother Theresa was a bitch. I use her name as shorthand for “a person who tried to live a life of selfless service,” and if that is not a fair description of her, then I ask you to understand my intention.

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