January 2007

I think I’m right to say you accept the possibility that you (and I, since I agree with you) may be wrong.

Just in case, might it not be sensible to publish here a list of questions to ask any deity we might be hauled up in front of? For instance I would have some questions and pithy comments about planetary design (all those tectonic plates crashing about willy-nilly; neither elegant nor necessary). And what about all this genetics business – why does it go wrong so often?

Surely any intelligent designer builds in all the necessary checks and balances to make sure things work perfectly – especially if said ID’er is omnipotent and omniscient.

I’m sure others have better questions, which might cause such long discussions as to infinitely delay one’s descent to the nether regions

This is an interesting idea. My first question would be, “Where have you been?”

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