January 2007

After reading the arguments posted here it is quite clear to me that the people who are calling themselves christians have forgotten some of the basic teachings. As christian we are not told to beat people with what we hold as the truth. We are to spread the word of God and to share his gospel. We are to set examples with out lives. Trying to convince someone they are wrong will never inspire them to your way of thinking. Telling them they are going to hell unless they accept what you have to say will drive them away while they ridicule you. God did not ask us to blindly follow, he provided us with information to study and to learn from. We are to commune with God in prayer to ask questions of him to help increase our understanding. Just because we believe it to be true does not mean everyone will see it. To bring people to our way of thinking needs to be done through example and caring, not belittling and scoffing. When a person notices things in your life and wonders why you are the way you are, you share, when those instances are things they would like to have in their life they will ask and seek the knowledge that led you there. People find God in their own time, not your time. God gave us free will to choose as a christian you should respect the “God given right” to choose. Their belief or unbelife is not up to you, it is not up to God, it is up to them. Our only calling in respect to them is to share. So many christians have forgotten this, it is not a conquest, and game or a sport. There is no prize for converting more people than brother bob. If you would get off your high horse and let go of your pride in the belief that “I am right and your going to hell” You might have more of an impact on peoples lives vs driving them away with them venom spewing forth from your mouth. Do I believe that the author of this page is correct in her (I believe that I read in here that your are a female, forgive me if I am mistaken) thinking, no I do believe that she is missing somet g. But I will not tell her that she is going to hell becasue she still questions what the truth is. If she has questions I will answer them to the best of my ability, and I will explain why I believe the way that I do. But in the end the choice is up to her. If you truly are a christian then you cannot deny this. Free will is at the core of the christian faith, the power to follow or to ignore, the power to WILLINGLY serve God. In order to willingly serve the servant must choose to serve, not be beaten into submission by high and mighty wanna be christian fakes.

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