January 2007

I hope you enjoy your life while it lasts. The way you’re acting now you’ll burn in Hell for eternity when it’s over.

If you knew for one second what Hell was like you’d stop your life of hatred and misery and accept God’s love. Even if you deny it now you are going to find out the truth when you meet Jesus. You may deny him now when you appear before him you will kneel at his feet. You will beg for forgivness then, but that will be far too late and you will have missed your chance. The last thing you will hear is “Depart from me, ye accursed, into everlasting fire” as you are sent to the punishment you deserve for your immorality and the disrespect you show for your lord.

You may have in your mind the image of hell that Satan promotes through his influence of the liberal media. A comedy show hell where you can hang out with your friends and have a good laugh. The kind of fictional Hell seen in all kinds of silly films that make it look like a fun party. I’ve actually heard people say that they’d rather be in Hell with people like Ghandi, Darwin, Einstein and their friends and family than go to heaven with a “bunch of Christian zealots”. They don’t understand the punishment of Hell at all, there will be no happy reunion with friends and family, or time for stimulating discussion with historical figures.

Instead it is simply constant agony beyond anything that the physical human body can experience. A place of perfect misery and pain to contrast with the perfect paradise of heaven. Think of the last time you burned your finger on something while cooking, painful wasn’t it? Just try to imagine your whole body in pain a million, million, million times worse than that, pain that never stops or diminishes at all for all of eternity. The worst tortures in human history would be pure joy compared with a fraction of a second of Hell. I think the worst thing about being in Hell will be knowing that the agony will never end, even if the universe comes to an end billions of years from now you will still be suffering in Hell. Your nerves can never burn out, you can never get used to the pain and you will know that you could have avoided that fate so easily. Just try to imagine suffering that while knowing that one little decision could have saved you.

God loves you more than you can imagine and offers you perfect salvation, he can wash away the sins that are leading you to eternal Hell fire. All you have to do is stop your immature rebellion against God and accept Jesus as your savior. You can do it now, Christmas and the New Year is the perfect time to turn your life around. Turn away from Satan and the temptations of the material world, your time on this world is just a blink of the eye, think of where you will spend eternity. Don’t let Satan trick you into an eternity of torture when God wants you to enjoy an eternity of paradise worshipping him is heaven!

Life of hatred and misery? Beliving that I’ll go to a hell where I can hang out with my friends? Belief in a god who loves me more than I can imagine but will make be burn my finger a million, million, million times if everyone’s arguments for his existence aren’t compelling. Buddy, I don’t know who you’re writing to, but it isn’t me?

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