January 2007

ive read some of these arguments and what not. man you REALLY contradict yourself on ALOT of your answers. Plus it really doesn’t matter what YOU believe, the crucifix was a historical event and God was IN Jesus and Jesus is God in the human form. As for atheists the only reason you guys dont believe is ’cause you had a bad childhood or you guys obviously dont care about anything or choose to believe in anything because you want to take the easy way out of things. What reward is there in that? all you do is feel sorry for yourselves and use your feelings as your own God. I dont like hearing people say theres no God because 1. you obviously havent done your researching very well. 2. you want to go against something and be your own person. when infact you can be and have your own relationship with God. 3. your ignorant on the topic and choose the easy way out like i said before. i’ve had arguments like this before and ive won all the time. so you cant say theres no God when you have nothing to back it up with.

Let’s take your points in order:

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