January 2007

Keep up the good work, maybe there’s still some hope left for humanity if the masses wake up from their horrifying delusions. I’m swedish myself, so at least I don’t have to live with lunatics preaching their madness next door. Religion is losing their grip yearly over here, with the christian party hardly getting above 5% of the votes in the elections. Hell, not that I agree with USA on any other issues either, but my presence there would be enough to tempt some people to reinvent witch trials. But once you know what you are talking about, it’s surprisingly easy to win a discussion against most victims of the dreaded “religions”. If you enjoy banging your head into a mental wall, that is. Well, I just hope the world will give up mixing reality and imagination before we all blow this planet away with tons and tons of radioactive explosives. Ta ta, for now.

Anyone got a plane ticket to Sweden?

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