January 2007

True unbelievers don’t devote so much time and energy into something they don’t believe exists (an atheist actually pointed that out to me concerning these silly little sites). Do you see a lot of anti-bigfoot sites out there? How about anti-alien sites? Your alleged lack of belief veils your insecurity. This is nothing more than a cry for help. Does sumbwudy need a hug?

God’s speed, 92 percent of the American population

Thanks for the condescending e-mail. Now, let’s go look a little deeper into the ignorance that spawned it.

1) This site devotes no time to things that do not exist. Religion exists. Bad arguments for divinity exist. People who try to impose their religion on others exist. I would agree that it would be worthless to spend time and energy trying to prove that a deity doesn’t exist, but I don’t do that.

2) There are plenty of Web sites about the falsity of alien sightings, so let’s talk about why there are not a lot of anti-bigfoot sites. It turns out that very few people become outraged at you, call you evil, or say that you deserve to be tortured for eternity when you don’t accept their pathetic proof that bigfoot exists. I’ve never heard of anyone losing a job or a friendship or a family member because they don’t believe in bigfoot. To my knowledge, the President of the United States has never said that bigfoot deniers can’t be good Americans. I don’t see anyone using bigfoot to justify passing laws or changing what is taught to children in public school. Maybe if bigfoot believers were a little more oppressive we might see more anti-bigfoot Web sites.

And while we’re on the subject, there are plenty of Web sites and books devoted to proofs that religion is true. I hope that you consider them to be signs of insecurity as well, because in some cases I might agree with you.

3) I state that I do not have any reason to believe that a deity exists. How can I be insecure about that? Give me a convincing reason to change my mind and I will. I’d actually be very happy to know that there is an all-loving God who is going to watch out for me and make the world a happy fairy land some day. But given the state of the world (among other things), I tend to doubt that he’s out there. And if he is, he’s apparently doing a lousy job.

4) You’re right, this site is a cry for help. I need help convincing people that they should be using reason to make decisions and not shaky, self-interested interpretations of ancient writings.

5) And finally, thanks for reminding me that 92% of people believing something doesn’t make it true.

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  1. Written by Red
    on September 13, 2010 at 2:47 am
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    ”True unbelievers don’t devote so much time and energy into something they don’t believe exists (an atheist actually pointed that out to me concerning these silly little sites)”

    Note that this person criticises us for using reason where applicable, in thise case, the argument against religion, but also seems to support ”True Unbelievers”. Who are these ”True Unbelievers”? They can’t be very good atheists if they are unwilling to voice their opinion, that’s for sure, and even more so if they are incapable of realising just how much damage religion is doing to the world. So much is wrong with this persons post, it’s unreal.

  2. Written by Vlad the Inhaler
    on August 4, 2012 at 8:51 am
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    That is one monster strawman. I wonder if the poster needed help building it.

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