January 2007

You’d think an all-powerful thingie would give Christians the ability to spell, wouldn’t you? You know, so as they appear less ignorant and worth reading.

And let’s hear no excuses about dyslexia – a combination of prayer and a spell-checker should sort that one.

I should have said before – thank you for your site. To continue to argue against the world’s major fallacy with unswerving good humour in the face of some really foul abuse – why, that’s almost Christian forbearance, and just shows you don’t need god to be a decent person!

It’s true, you don’t need a god to call yourself a decent person, but it’s a lot more work. An atheist who wants to be good must spend a lot of time thinking about right and wrong. In the worst case, a religious person may just behave as they see fit but “know” that they’re good because their religion says so.

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