January 2007

you claim in your letter to a ‘young girl’ that if she says her belief is drawn purely from faith it cannot be argued. So if i have complete faith that you are a hound of satan you cannot argue that?

also, you say that religious education should be kept out of school. this proves you are satans minion and hate God and America. If we are a democracy and the majority of us are christians who believe that religion should be taught even to children raised by satanic atheist alongside the evolution crap, then that is what musthappen!!

I can’t argue against your feeling/faith that I am a hound of Satan. I can, however, argue against the fact, so far as it is provable. And the fact is, if I were working for Satan, I’d be making more money.

Your second statement is a good argument for the need of better education in this country. Even though the United States is a democracy, there are certain rights denied to voters. That’s what the Bill of Rights was all about. In fact, I believe there’s something in the Constitution about separation of church and state — I suggest you research this topic.

You also might want to read up on a gentleman named Thomas Jefferson who had quite a bit to do with the formation of this country’s government. He was a Deist (as were many of those involved with the Constitution) who didn’t believe that god did much in the way of interfering in human affairs. In fact, although he thought Jesus was a good and wise man, he didn’t think Jesus was divine. If you won’t take my word for it, check out the Jefferson Bible — Jefferson took the Gospels out of the Bible and cut out all the miracles, leaving just the part he believed in.

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