January 2007

You really kind of like making up the minds of people for them like (am i an athiest no. Yes. Can i change my mind? NO.) why do you do this and please don’t give me an answer like christians haven’t thought for themselves without a preist all their lives. (some) Religious people think for themselves, and there are other religions out (whether those christians want to beleive it or not)so just don’t critisize christians theres a ton of others out there (even though christians seem to be the most player haters out there)to punt on, i myself am somewhat of a buddist so find something intelegent to joke about that and not something like (the idea of reincarnation is that one day my friend dies, he becomes the gas, a cow eats him, he then passes through the digestive tract, and then plops out of there all brown and wet, i then walk up to this turd and say “boy my friend sure hasn’t changed a lot.”) Because thats not reincarnation and i couldn’t say im a full buddist becau se when i meditate it kind of scares me plus i dont know how to practice everything so best to say im really nothing more than a dream. forther more (stop me if im getting too long winded) as an athiest you claim to be seperate from all religions with no bais or prejudical veiw so instead of just joking on all the religions (which isn’t half bad) you should be able to find something that is also good about them that isnt sterotypical or sarcastic. if you are a ture athiest you could do this and more. so please respond to theis comment somewhere on this site cause i have no e-mail and for the benefit of others to

Your note is a bit rambling, but I think there’s a good question or two buried in there.

I don’t attempt to make up other people’s minds for them, despite what the site’s home page might say. The “you are now an atheist” concept is a joke, largely at the expense of those who believe that an intelligent person can just choose what to believe.

I agree that there are many thoughtful and intelligent Christians and other religious people. I do talk about Christians more than I talk about people of other religions, largely because most of the correspondence I get is from Christians, and most of the conversion attempts (and verbal attacks) I’ve experienced have come from Christians.

I don’t claim to be separate from all religions, since I’m not quite sure what that would entail. I am certainly affected by religion, whether I want to be or not. As an atheist, I simply claim to be without religion. I also do not claim to be without bias or prejudice, although I do my best to be, and I don’t claim that all religions are equal — some are, to me, clearly worse than others for one reason or another.

What is good about religion? Well, religion does bring comfort to many people. It also inspires some people to do great things. I don’t say that religion is all evil, but I will say that there has been evil that came from religion.

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