I find it hard to believe that you don’t believe what I believe. How can you not understand that the Bible is infalliable? For instance, it states that we were made in God’s image. In the evolutionary debate and the larger, more important “banana is perfect for human use” example, we know evolution is ridiculous because humans were created perfectly by god. That is why we have appendix (Sorry if my spelling is off, I’m praying very hard for His guidance in that regard!!!!!) (also, I’m letting him lead me in my punctuation!!!!). Why would we have wisdom teeth if God didn’t put them there???? Huh???? Or sinuses? Or the cocyx bone at the end of the spine? All these things show, without doubt that God CREATED us as is. I’ll pray for you but I don’t think it will do much good because the Bible says we have to make choices and by praying for you I’m asking God to influence you which would not be your choice. Actually, on second thought, I guess I won’t pray for you. I’ll p ray for aborted fetuses (fetusi?), and maybe soilders and murder victoms, and the sick. But mostly aborted fetuses.

May God have mercy on your soul for surely you’ll go to hell when you die. But before then be sure to enjoy the lovely bananas He’s provided.

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