I like this, from the “Feedback” column, New Scientist, 22 July 2006

“….Feedback’s Statistical Proof of Alatry.* It goes like this. The only thing we know about deities with any certainty is that the number of them is a whole number, the idea of a fractional deity being frankly absurd. So the number of deities in our universe is an integer, in the range from minus infinity to plus infinity. (We leave the theologians to interpret a negative number of deities: this is number theory, and its conclusion should save them the trouble.) For it is commonly accepted that we should expect our universe to be typical of possible unoverses. So the expected number of deities is in the middle of the range of of possibilities. That is, zero. Quod erat demonstrandum”

*Alatry – the practice of not bothering to worship any deities.

That’s pretty funny (even if the conclusion is not logically sound).

I like the point about what it would mean to have negative deities. Perhaps -1 dieties might be a new type of agnosticism — there are no deities but the universe owes us one?

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