January 2007

Y’know I have to say that if men are from mars and women are from venus then I have to say, atheists are from saturn and believers are from I really don’t know where. At a private level, I am stuck in the middle – an agnostic. I would like to believe but cannot really do so. My rationality does not let me. But neither does it allow me to say it just aint so because I keep having this damn hunch that there may be something to this God thing. Not the bible stuff – thats a crock: A bunch of silly fairy stories told by a group of tribal elders to their people to explain the unexplainable and the fact that so many damn silly fools take it seriously in the 21st century just has me goggle eyed with amazement and gasping for breath. What ever is true then I know one thing; its more complex, confounding and, at the end of the day interesting than either side perhaps acknowledges. (Another hunch.) But this is a private belief as I say. I mostly try to keep it to myself and I sure as hell do not go aroound trying to ram it down other people’s throats.

This is the thing that most of all gets me damned angry about the believers. So is it worth an atheist trying to argue the case to convince a believer to recognise the errors of their ways.Well as long as “God is on thier side” its not an option and sorry pal its about as useful as trying to fill up the grand canyon by pissing in it. Speaking from personal experience, atheists do not chose not to believe. They just cannot believe something that is so patently absurd that blind Freddy and his half wit dog rover would not believe it unless they were brainwashed. (Mostly I am talking about the literal “truth” of the bible here.)

Believers on the other hand are called believers for a good reason – they want to believe, they need to believe and cannot help themselves! I have no problem with someone having a private belief that I do not share. But I get pretty shitty when they try to beat me over the head with it and force me to believe. And if there is anything more reprehensible than a bunch of self righteous God botherers trying to force society to obey their private beliefs then I cannot think of it.

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