February 2007

To all of the believers trying to prove the author of this site wrong; I am currently an agnostic and could go either way, and i respect all beliefs including theists. Right now, the author is presenting intelligent information, with the understanding that it is his opinion and not The Truth. Also right now, all I hear from the believers is “You’re wrong.” Now I am sure that there are many believers out there who can give some intelligent input about their beliefs, but I have yet to come across any. Maybe this is because the author of the web site is only publishing the most disgusting and stereotypical viewpoints, but I find this hard to believe, as he has proved his open-mindedness in many of his constructive responses to agnostics and theists alike. I would definitely like to see some intelligent analysis of theist beliefs coming from a theist himself. Please take into account that I go to a catholic school, respect the catholic faith, and am not mentally retarded

“The Bible says so” and “Look at the beauty of nature” won’t help me realize anything new. I have looked at the bible, possibly more than some theists here and with a more receptive attitude as well. I am also a person who lives on this planet just as much as everyone else, and can think for myself enough to realize that nature is there, and enough to wonder about its origins instead of blindly accepting one viewpoint out of hundreds. Thank you to the editor for creating this site, it offers a new perspective for me among many of the same one-track catholic sites and strong god-denying atheist sites.

Thank you so much for this note — I really do appreciate it. You are right that I don’t only publish the worst letters I receive — in fact, I post almost all of my correspondence (leaving out only those that ask not to be posted, that are personal, that amount to just a “thumbs up,” or that contain too much personally identifiable information).

I, too, would like to hear more well-reasoned arguments for religious belief. I’ll be sure to post them as they come in!

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