February 2007

I enjoyed the site. Loved the letters, both the ones that enrage me, i.e, the haters, and those for whom I feel sad – the simple believers who I feel are deluded.

As I live near the buckle of the bible belt (east tennessee) I am inundated daily with unthinking religious doctrine from a particularly vile branch of xtian fundamentalism. I retired here because it is lovely, but, after two years, will move next year to someplace less intellectually dead. Sad.

I see things every day that either make me angry or sad, some, such as my mother-in-law believing she will go to hell and/or lose all her earthly possessions first if she does not tithe too much of her already limited income, make me both angry and sad.

I have no problem being moral without a personal god (well, I do worship my wife – which is fine with her). I can recognize good from bad for myself and society without a rule book. Good things do the least or no harm and help others – making my life and my society function more smoothly. Bad things do not.

I cannot believe in a god that is selfish, demanding, throws tantrums, and practices capricious cruelty. I did not accept that behavior from my children, and will not accept a god who acts like an untrained four year old.

Take care and live free

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