February 2007

thanks for replying. i am more troubled by the notion that these websites are perpetual machines creating one way communications where i am named an athiest or once memorably, a weak atheist, with no way to meaningfully respond. i had thought that the internet might make plain the continuum of human understanding, but we seem incapable of honesty over advocacy. it’s a clever idea and if i had typed “iamanatheist”, and then gotten the note it would be one thing. but someone stuck it on stumbleupon and now i feel like an accidental atheist.

which is okay… since your signature is ideclare i’ve determined you must be a southern girl too. :)

thanks again,

I agree that there is not enough meaningful two-way discussion of these issues online. I’ve noticed that most discussion boards on the topic of religion and/or atheism end up having far too much ranting and not enough acutal discussion — that’s why I didn’t create a discussion forum for my site. Instead, I have a correspondence area where I post much of the mail I get along with my responses. Because I welcome honest discussion from people of all beliefs and try to treat everyone respectfully, it seems to have been well received by many people.

By the way, I’m what would be called a “weak atheist” (much as I dislike the term). I actually think it’s the only viable form of atheism

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