February 2007

I stumbled upon your site (Arguments Against) and was, at first, very angry. However, this anger wasn’t at your beliefs, or your sarcastic responses to the arguments placed against atheism. I was angry at the ignorance displayed by people that make use of said arguments.

I am a disciple of Jesus, and I am hesitant at calling myself a “Christian” because of the idiocy that many Christians display. As I was reading your “Arguments Against” page, I laughed at almost each one, simply because I’ve heard them all, and for the most part, they are very (very) weak. It amazes me that Christians actually think these arguments are legitimate.

Most Christians that encounter an atheist immediately want to argue and debate–to tear down. I have to admit, at first I thought your site was going to be a typical “I hate Christianity” site, but after reading some of your correspondence, I was compelled to think differently. You mentioned your reason for not having a forum, or a discussion board, and I agree completely. Every “Christianity v. Atheism” forum on the internet eventually turns into hogwash–there seems to exist very little productive discussion. It’s usually a Christian attacking an Atheist, and then the Atheist striking right back, or vice versa.

I’m glad to see that you encourage productive, civil discussion and debate.

Thanks for the nice note. Sadly, I have heard every single one of the items on the Arguments page — most of them more than once. Sometimes they are the result of simple ignorance, and I don’t think less of someone just because they don’t know something (well, unless they are going out of their way not to know it). But sometimes they are used as “zingers” that will, the speaker hopes, shut down an atheist and show the foolishness of atheism. Ironically, when a well-informed atheist has a response to the “zinger,” the conversation generally ends anyway, since the questioner seldom knows how to continue the discussion. This is just sad. I wish that we could all discuss our differences and opinions without worrying about who will “win” a given conversation.

I should also point out that for every lame argument against atheism, there is a lame argument against theism. Ignorance works both ways.

Please don’t hesitate to call yourself a Christian just because some Christians are idiots. I call myself an atheist even though there are plenty of seriously annoying atheists out there.

The point of this site is to spark discussion and generate understanding. I’m glad that you are with me on this — I think that willingness to civilly share ideas is often more important than what those ideas actually are.

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