February 2007

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When I first really seriously started to think about belief and god, stuff like that, I used to have some interesting and challenging conversations with a friend – unfortunately we’ve not kept in touch – and one of the things we talked about (it’s also touched on at the end of Sophie’s World) was the idea that god exists in the minds of believers, and because of that, is real to them, but we couldn’t get our heads round the idea of an external being.

On some level, I find the certainty of faith a bit scary and dangerous. There’s nothing worse than someone knowing they’re right, with god on their side.

The thing about truth is that it changes – as more is discovered and new theories made – which means that it too, exists in the mind.

As he wittiest woman in Britain, Linda Smith, said, ” If god had meant us to believe in him, he would have existed!”

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