February 2007

To me your arguments were nothing but making fun of christians, or getting so upset you spatter off nonsence.I think if you really want to convince a christian to be an atheist you need to have a logical explaination. I also think you need to read the whole verse in the bible, and not just pick phrases that sound good when really it is not even talking about God being “evil”. The argument section is poorly made and sound like arguments of a three year old. As an atheist, i am truly disapointed and am begining to question myself and “Religion”.

The “arguments” section of the site is a joke — I certainly don’t intend it to be taken seriously. And it isn’t making fun of Christians so much as it is making fun of those who think that an anti-atheist argument is something that is one sentence long and has no possible response. Perhaps the responses sound like those of a three-year-old because they are in response to questions that sound like they come from the same.

You are incorrect if you assume that I want to convince anyone — Christian or otherwise — to be an atheist. Rather, it doesn’t bother me that people have different beliefs, so long as they are intelligent and consistent when arriving at those beliefs and tolerate those who have come to other conclusions.

If you want to know what my real feelings are about religion, read the correspondence section of the site. That’s where the non-joke content lives.

Oh, and while you’re at it — go ahead and question yourself and religion. There’s nothing wrong with doing that.

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