February 2007

Stupid… I am not an atheist and talk to atheists all the time about what they believe; questioning it. I have never heard someone argue atheism using those comments.. and if you have then you need to get new people who are intelligent enough to talk to. Sad… very sad. And I am not a happy accident thank you very much for you time.

Unfortunately, every single one of the arguments against atheism I list (and poke fun at) are ones that I’ve encountered multiple times over the years from a wide variety of people. I’ve heard them in personal conversations, read them on Internet discussion boards and Usenet, heard them spoken from pulpits, and found them in books about religious philosophy. In fact, the reason I put up the page making fun of those arguments is that they are ones that many atheists get tired of hearing.

Although the arguments are bad, I think that most of the people using them are simply uninformed. They are not using arguments they have thought of themselves, but instead parroting “killer” arguments that they’ve heard from other theists that are supposed to be unanswerable by atheists. Unlike you, I don’t think that theists who have bad arguments against atheism are necessarily unintelligent.

While we’re on the subject, you seem to have strong opinions and a lot of experience discussing religion. Could you share with me your reason for believing in a deity? Do you have an argument for the existence of God that is compelling to others, or do you consider it a personal decision? I’d be interested to know.

Thanks for writing.

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