February 2007

ok.. how about instead of immediatley insulting anyone who believes in god you present reasons why atheism IS a logical choice. Obviously as soon as a non-atheist sees your homepage (oh tooo bad your an atheist now) they would just lose respect for you completely. Your making the religous debate into a 3rd grade HAHA I GOT YOU =P =P =P type thing.

then again what do i know

That’s a legitimate criticism. Here’s my thinking on the subject.

First, I don’t feel like the site is insulting to theists — at least, it’s not intended that way. I think that the concept of becoming an atheist by visiting a Web site is so ridiculous that nobody will think I actually think it works, so it’s pretty obviously a joke.

And there’s a reason for that joke. I’m betting that some theists who would just click past a page listing reasons to be an atheist will at least take a moment to read more on my site. Maybe they’ll see the page showing that many atheists have a morality that’s not much different from theirs, or maybe they’ll see the list of silly arguments other theists use to try and disprove atheism. Or, even better, perhaps they will find my blog where I respond (usually respectfully) to correspondence from both theists and theists.

Will theists seeing my home page lose respect for me immediately? I suppose some do. I get occasional hate mail, but most of it seems to be reacting to the fact that the site is a bad joke (which it is) or just spewing hate because I’m an atheist. But I also get a lot of mail from thoughtful, intelligent religious people who want to know more about atheism or want to discuss religious philosophy. I’m guessing that the hate-mail-writers wouldn’t be convinced by anything I wrote, and I don’t mind annoying them if it helps me contact those who are truly curious.

There are already plenty of Web sites out there that have the type of pro-atheism information you suggest. I don’t want to be just another one of those, because (frankly) there would be no point. What I have here seems to be working, judging from my hit counts and correspondence, so I’m pretty happy with the way things are. I do appreciate your feedback, though.

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