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Hate mail

I think I need to make my position more clear. “God” or “god” or “deities” or whatever you want to call them don’t exist. It just makes no sense to say that they exist. People like you who play into the hands of religious gropus by semi-validating their aspaciotemporal beliefs but call themselves “atheists” are more correctly termed “idiots” and/or “morons” and/or “dupes.” Lumping me in with creationists and other starry eyed dunderheads is a cheap shot and a complete ad homonym attack, I had hoped you were above such things

Thank you for demonstrating just why you get so much hate mail and how thoroughly you deserve it. I can’t believe I wasted all this time on you.

This is a very interesting letter, in that it seems to be pretending to be part of one of my regular conversations. Fortunately I can tell that it’s not — both from context and from its e-mail origin.

Just in case anyone else out there has feelings similar to the hoaxer, let me point out that I never intended a personal attack against the person I was conversing with. I think his views are legitimate, and the fact that something he said reminded me of something a creationist said is not at all intended to imply that his arguments are not valid.

I also don’t believe that I’m “validating” religious beliefs by saying that I can’t prove they’re wrong. Not being able to prove something untrue doesn’t make it true.

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