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Well how about this quote from a phsyc book: The only person that keeping quiet helps is the abuser/antagonist, etc? And the “victim” is always lost in this manner. While it is not a quote from this arena I wonder about the implication for theists and atheists? While I do not spend much time on this kind of exchange I do find it interesting and valuable when done from a intellectual perspective. I did not wish to imply it was a complete waste of time for a person… my meaning was it felt to me to be a waste of my time in the community I am in. This is especially true when I am in a position to believe that I have no idea about “God” or a deity(s). I am fascinated by reading old texts, I was very happy to hear of the find of the so called book of Judas and its implications irregardless of its authenticity. I feel it is the most important thing any person can do is search for their truth… better yet a absolute truth. But, I have learned from my studies that unlike the methodology of science some years ago, there is no golden bullet, there is usually a set of circumstances, events, chemicals what ever the Field of research that is involved in cures, historical happenings, etc.

It was your approach that included the idea that there is no one way with today’s provable ideas, facts, etc that made me want to take the time to respond. Not to take a side, not unlike your position… but not expecting a whole bunch in clear proof for the time being.

We live in interesting times… It may be that these questions are going to be answered in their own way in the next 25 years… I also think that it will still be done on a individual basis, not a humanity wide revelation… but it would be a very cool thing if it was revealed on a humanity basis! I suppose that would likely entail a Deity… anything else less… oh how to say, less significant or dramatic would be just that and again leave it to the person to interpret… kinda a guarantee for further hostility…

I agree that talking and sharing ideas is pretty much always best, and I would even go so far as to say that sharing ideas with those you disagree with is of the most value.

There are definitely situations in which this type of conversation is a waste of time. For example, if you are talking to someone who is not going to discuss things civilly, you do far better to politely shrug off their barbs (and this can have the nice side effect of making you look calm, polite, and intelligent to anyone who might be observing). It’s also a waste of time if you are an atheist who is just not interested in the subject or finds discussion of theology irritating.

I am also very interested in Judeo-Christian history and I found the Book of Judas very interesting. It’s not going to change anyone’s mind about anything philosophical, but it is an important document from a historical perspective.

It’s interesting that you say I don’t take sides. Actually, I am very firmly taking a side. It’s just that, in doing so, I recognize that not everyone is going to agree with me and that, because some of what goes into my philosophy is personal opinion, others may have views that can not be proven to be better or worse than my own.

You bring up an interesting point when you talk about the possibility of a deity revealing itself. I’d say that, no matter how dramatic a revelation a deity might make, there will still be room for skepticism. And that’s a good thing — we don’t want some alien civilization showing up, reanimating a few corpses with their superior technology, and setting themselves up as gods.

My hope is that, no matter what happens, people will come to realize that they should respect the thoughts and beliefs of others. That would go a long way toward bringing peace to the world.

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