I was tricked to come here by your tinyurl and thats not nice. I might be an atheist now but that doesn’t mean my Priest can’t exercise me. So there! You can bet I will tell my Priest about this place too, and he will have something to say about it. Yeah, you better be scared. My Priest has a personal elationship with God our Father and he doesn’t like his children being atheists especially if they are TRICKED atheists. Once my Priest tells Jesus our Lord about what you have done, he won’t like you anymore and I will go to Heaven and you won’t be there. I know your url too its, tiny my foot you are in BIG trouble. Just because I was teasing the atheists at that other site won’t help you either. I can tease atheists all I want because my Priest says they are just animals. I have to go get exercised now. BYE and no I won’t see you later.

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