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 IAmAnAtheist » March 2007

March 2007

This is so like shooting fish in a barrel!

“Don’t worship stuff.”

How about money or my wife?

“Be polite.”

Atheists don’t have to be polite. They can be total asses if they want to because they make their own decisions.

“Take a day off once in a while.”

Atheists can’t be workaholics?

“Be nice to folks.”

Why should I? They have to be nice to me first.

“Don’t kill people.”

Death penalty all the way! What a bout just wars? Or self defense? Or eating meat?

“Don’t cheat on your significant other.”

You can’t tell me who to have sex with. If she doesn’t find out, who does it harm?

“Don’t steal stuff.”

I can’t take a pen home from work? Give me a break!

“Don’t lie about stuff.”

Okay, I’ll tell my mom her dress looks ugly.

“Don’t be greedy.”

Why????? Piles o’ money that’s for me!!!!!!

Your arguments all fail for one or more of the following reasons:

1) My list of rights and responsibilities is for moral atheists. If you aren’t moral, then it doesn’t apply to you (and I’d argue that, for example, if you cheat on your wife you aren’t moral).

2) The list, like any list of this type, trades a bit of rigor for brevity. For example, I obviously don’t intend atheists to be nothing-but-the-truth-telling robots.

3) The list includes rights as well as responsibilities. Taking a day off is a right, but nobody requires you to exercise your rights.

If you would like to make a more detailed argument about one (or all) of these, I am interested in listening.

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