May 2007

I don’t understand why you don’t just say if your a man or woman. It’s not like anyone will hate or like you any different. Why is it all the religous people in your hate mail section are so violent and are saying such horrible things? Is that what Jesus would want from them? Sounds kinda hypocritical to me! How can someone preach to you about following the teachings of Jesus and they themselves ignore his teachings? Be kind to your fellow man/woman is what their message is suppose to be. They should look in the mirror the next time. They sound more like satanists pretending to understand God/Jesus. Though shall keep thy religion/lack of it to thyself! If you have a strong belief system you don’t need to recruit people too it. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship. In a dictatorship everyone is forced to have the same beliefs. Religions try to make everyone think their way by having a monopoly in our society. A church on every corner. People come to your home as well as when your in the mall. Why the need for such a clone society where everyone has the same beliefs? If you don’t like something you don’t have to experience it, but that doesn’t give you the right to take it away from someone else. Thats why we have freedom to choose rather then a creation of a religous dictatorship. Whether your an atheist or a christian, you know whats right for you so stop trying to convince someone to be just like you. I disagree with christians but they still have the right to believe what they want. The problem is some christians don’t show me the same respect. My best advice is stop bitching and try to enjoy your life without sticking your nose in the other guys business.

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I don’t discuss my gender because I’ve found that gender sometimes gets in the way of discussions such as these (as witnessed by some of the sexist comments in my hate mail). Why is my hate mail from religious people violent? I tend to think it’s that people often lash out defensively at things that seem to attack their beliefs. It’s a way to avoid uncomfortable examination of their own assumptions. Or these people are just jerks. Either way <G>.

I agree that society is better if we do not try and force one set of beliefs on everyone. However, many Christians believe that their religion is the only way to avoid eternal punishment, and therefore they are morally obligated to try and “save” as many people as possible. I have no problem with this as a concept (although I will argue against some methods of attempting to reach this goal). I also feel compelled to try and spread some of my own beliefs (that we should examine our assumptions, for example) because I think they would be good for society as a whole.

Even so, when we share our philosophy or try and convince others of our opinion, it should be done through tolerant, rational dialogue, not through rants, bullying physical force, or force of law. Here you and I seem to be in complete agreement.

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