May 2007

yeah as an guy who feels that god likely doesn’t exist i got to say some of your faq responses are shallow and not that true. for example the correct response to you have faith would not be to insult the kindhearted and mislead theist but rather to explain the difference between faith and an acceptance of the lord god as our savior. i got to say sites like this fail to to really better the problem. (lack of real introspection by most people and instead just takes easy potshots at people who don’t know better) it seems like logic would be more appropriate for an atheist than sarcasm at least withing the public sphere. consider the purpose of this website either it A exist to preach to the choir and satisfy you personal anger over the shit those nonreligious people like us get in which case this site is lame B it is to give some reasonable arguments for an atheistic world view to those on the edge in which case you would be better served by not appearing like a dickweed (god i love that phrase.) Also consider some humility in regards to the truthiness of your beliefs. Atheism is essentially i don’t know but gods existences seems unlikely / if he exists he’s got some splanein to do (watch i love Lucy.) don’t be so aggressive and more people will like you realize that your pedaling logic witticisms that fail to address essential issues don’t help in reaching beyond those who already believe (or i suppose already don’t.) Considering the axiomatic nature of logic to claim total certainty (which you don’t do explicitly but your tone/diction imply) seems a little ridiculous. this is especially true if you would support a generally recognized view of morality because of the inherent contradictions in every moral system of any popularity. On a personal level i certainly feel that my moral system is ultimately something i believe in simply because i want to (or at least some deep ether region of my brain does) and that with recognition that i stand on such shaky ground it seems hypocritical to chip a at others faiths. happy ramblings.

-anonymous because; you know; tis the internet and whatnot

As readers of this blog know by know, the main IAmAnAtheist site is intended to be humorous. The text you refer to isn’t supposed to be attacking religious people in general, but instead attacking those religious people who rely on faulty reasoning and bad arguments to attack atheists.

I agree that tolerance and reason is a far better way to better the world, and that’s what this blog is for.

I’m sorry you didn’t leave your e-mail address because I would have liked to converse with you a bit more.

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