May 2007

I have many comments and I’ll send them one by one not to send you a bulk of text….

At first I just wanna tell you that the whole matter is very simple. I believe that we are all free to think and decide. I dont want to argue with you just to prove you’re wrong and i’m right, but for both of use to know the right.

So here’s my first question. You said that you won’t beleive that something (God) exists without a scientific evidence…. Yet, you beleive the whole universe exists without a scientific evidence. How come??

Global explosions happening randomly is not scientific… Evolution (randomly non organized) is not scientific…

so how come you beleive the universe exists??

I agree that we are free to think and decide. I don’t mind you believing differently from me so long as you do it in an intelligent way and are not harming others.

So, to answer your question:

I take as few things on faith as possible. One of the things I take on faith is that I can, to some extent, trust my senses (that is, I’m not living in the Matrix or something like that). I also take it on faith that the laws of physics do not change arbitrarily. Given these two things, there is plenty of scientific evidence that the universe exists.

When you say “global explosions happening randomly is not scientific,” what are you talking about? If you mean the big bang, then I’ll need more detail, because the big bang is a scientific theory in every sense of the word (it makes testable predictions, etc.)

As for evolution, what isn’t scientific about it? And what do you mean when you say “randomly not organized,” since evolution involves both randomness and organization?

Let me know and I will respond to you further.

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