May 2007

Just posting to say that a guy at my school found your site and has shown me how silly the bible ETC. using your arguments :P is… I am still a theist but just not sure bout religions ny more… Another thing id like to add is that the bible says that god is omnipotent (all powerful) however can he make a rock that he can not lift? great site BTW. :P

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a theists so long as you try and be intelligent and honest about it.

Regarding God’s omnipotence: this is a pretty old question. Most religious scholars would agree that God can’t do anything that’s logically impossible (like draw a circle with four corners) and that this does not contradict omnipotence. This said, an omnipotent God could create a rock and then give his solemn promise not to lift it, so what you’d have is a rock God made but that he was morally compelled never to lift (and since he’s all good, he’d never break such a promise).

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