May 2007

Hello. May I add that ethics are arbitrary? You can’t say that your rules and responsabilities are meant for ‘ethic’ atheists.

Eventhough I just love (theoretically) to get as much money for myself as possible, just love to… I dunno, puck around as much as possible, and so on and so forth, it won’t make me less moral than you, or anyone else, as its arbitrary.

Tell me how “you shall not kill” is better than “you shall kill” without using anything arbitrary. :)

Thanks in advance.

I disagree. My personal morals and ethics are not arbitrary, but are derived from a very specific set of philosophical laws.

“You shall not kill” is better than “you shall kill” because by advocating the latter I would be saying that it’s more moral to kill me than to not kill me, and I don’t want anyone to kill me. I don’t think this is arbitrary (unless you would argue that my desire for self preservation is arbitrary).

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