May 2007

This is pretty darn brilliant, I must admit. Is there anything more you can do with this site? Perhaps add not just joke arguments, but real ones? To be fair to the other side, get a team of willing Christians (and OTHER religions as well!) to present arguments along with yours. This site could become more popular and more intriguing if you had more info from both sides. Perhaps you truly could get some people to think for themselves, eh?

Also, I’ve tried going to your blog, but my dad has a block on my computer and it’s coming up saying there’s porn on there. Are you advertising some dirty stuff or there some random language in there it’s picking up? Well anyway, if at all possible, please clean it up so it’ll be easier for me to go there.

And lastly, please email me of any progress or change you make to this site. I think it’s really cool and would love to see more done with it in the future. And remember: God is watching :)

May the nothingness/everything be with you

I don’t really want to put much of “the other side” on the site (that’s what is for — although I admit it’s a tad harsh).

Really, the blog is the place for discussions of the sort you suggest. I think the reason it’s being blocked is that some of the hate mail I receive (all of which I post on the blog) has some rather foul language on it. Now that you have pointed out this problem, I’m going to go through and do a little censoring (inserting asterisks into some of the nasty words) over the next week so that this will, hopefully, no longer be an issue.

In the meantime, perhaps you could ask your dad to white-list Or if not that, if you have a news reader you can subscribe to the blog.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an e-mail notification list for the site. Once you get access to the blog, you’ll see all new content as it is added.

Thanks for the input!

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