May 2007

I was looking at the FAQ and laughing at the really lame/dumb questions people were asking, I liked the way you answered them, I probably wouldn’t call myself an atheist, if anything im a satanist (probably spelt wrong) but I still get annoyed when idiots who think everyone should beleive in god start rambling about bullshit and how the bible is proof when anyone could have wrote it. God is probably just to comfort humanity. Plus I think ill mention that I dont have rights and responsabilities with whatever religion I am, I dont see why people want to know what happens when we die. Why ruin the surprise?

There are, in general, two kinds of Satanists — religious Satanists (who worship an actual anti-God) and atheistic Satanists (as in the Church of Satan, who in a sense just say they worship Satan to annoy Christians). You sound a little bit like the latter, but should read up on it before making any decisions.

Some people believe that the Bible has an amount of historical value, and there are indeed some things written about in the Bible that can be verified historically. I don’t think it can be relied upon as evidence of the supernatural, but even so I would not say someone who thought it had value was necessarily “rambling about bullshit.” The Bible’s origins are quite complex, and I don’t think it should be dismissed so disrespectfully even by those of us who suspect it’s wrong about a heck of a lot.

Regarding rights and responsibilities, I’d say that you have those no matter what religion you belong to (if any). For example, you have the right not to be punched in the face for no reason, and the responsibility to not try violate this right in others.

Thanks for writing!

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