May 2007

The arguments page had me rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. Ok, not literally, but it Was pretty funny.

Regardless of what side of the fence a person’s beliefs are, they would be a fool to not at least acknowledge some of the questions that athiests pose to christians. If there ever was a god it’s word has been raped and altered by man so many times that what christians follow today is most likely blasphemy anyway.

I think that once humanity takes resposibility for it’s own actions and ceases to answer to the ‘boogieman’ watching overhead for their every choice and consequence we will be better off as a species.

Furthermore, I don’t have a problem with religion, though closed minded, stubborn, condescending people piss me off. Unfortunately christianity has too many self-righteous morons shouting their beliefs in the face of those of us that don’t give a shit.

Bill Hicks says a lot of good things about religion, check him out if you’ve never heard of him. Anyways, thanks for the laughs. This site rules.

Closed-minded, stubborn, condescending people are problematic, no matter what philosophical viewpoint they are coming from. I’m actually bothered by annoying atheists more than I am by annoying religious folks, because when religious people act foolish it doesn’t reflect on me.

Regarding God’s word being mauled by humanity, I think you are probably correct. I think religious people should look carefully at their beliefs to try and separate the wheat from the chaff (as Thomas Jefferson did).

This reminds me, I recently was listening to a Christian podcast in which the speaker said (in a nutshell), “a third of the people in the world are Christians, and it’s just not possible that a lie could make a third of all people wrong.” The problem is, if these numbers are correct, and if Christianity is correct, then two-thirds of the people in the world are wrong. So if he’s going by sheer numbers, Christianity has a problem. (Fortunately for him the argument is completely spurious).

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