May 2007

Thank you so much for glorifying atheists in the right way and letting others know that atheists are not careless rebels that have no morals. You have no idea how often I’ve been questioned because “I have no morals to live by”.

Just because I don’t need some mythical book or scripture to tell me how to live my life doesn’t mean I go out and murder and prostitute myself. I can be a law-abiding respectable human without believing in a higher being.

To anyone who questions your logic: Good for those who do horrible things and think that everything’s forgiven by prayer. I hope they can live life happily and not in fear. I’m having a great time!

Actually, I probably do have an idea of how often your morals have been questioned — believe me, I’ve been there plenty of times. Good for you for sticking to your personal morality in the face of such silliness!

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