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 IAmAnAtheist » May 2007

May 2007

lol! I love it! I am Wiccan and often get “grouped” into the label those “Good Christians” give people who believe outside THEIR little box. My mom, being a good Christian, is abusive, had an affair with the neighbor, withheld medical treatment for us kids, and worries more about what people think than what her children needed or wanted.My dad, a good christain, is a child molester( he shoulda been a priest) Another good Christian- catholic, in fact, bluntly asked me for a specific sexual act ( I was a waitress and friend of his wifes) because I looked spunky and his wife wouldn’t do that for him. OH did I mention, he was a friend of my husbands also? Oh wait! He could go say his Hail Marys at confession and viola’ God forgave him and he was sin free! Asshole. As long as these “alledged” christians go to church on sunday, it is a free for all 6 days a week!! They rarely follow their own commandments their god set forth, rarely refrain from judging people.ah isn’t tha t their Gods job? AND how can mortal men pretend to have a direct line to god because they have a degree from college??? I have a degree for corrections officier.does that mean I have a direct line to Satan or God or anyone??? Nope ahhh DUR! I live as morally, lovingly, helpfully and judge little ( I am human) but I do believe that there are many demi gods and one super being, by the way, both male and female. The bible was revised so many times to suit human/mens wants and needs..nice story kids but come on, wake up get real and there are more than 1 day a week to become a good person! I support this site, altho- I do believe in my Gods, I understand your points and back all you atheiests 100%..free choice. I believe it is the open minded and those who have a free mind and open eyes that see that Christians are merely those that need to PROVE to themselves they are good..actions speak louder than words…I see no actions to support christians are good daily..never have. I w as almost burned alive in my home with my children because a bapti minister called me a witch and the bible states “thou shall not suffer a witch to live” This was in a small MI. town in 1989.Back in the day of Jesus a witch was one who poisoned wells to get back at their neighbor. King James the crazy SOB wanted all the gypsys dead so he incorporated the death of all witches. Killing is a commandment since when? By the way..all you christains can we wiccans have all our own holidays back and YOU make up your own????

The problem, as you point out, isn’t that Christians are more immoral than any other group, but that they sometimes seem to say, “I am a good person because I am Christian, regardless of my behavior.” I can’t help but think that the Protestant belief that God doesn’t count good behavior toward salvation only makes the situation worse.

I would say that all those people who say that religion is the only true source of morality have an extra obligation to demonstrate the morality they profess. It is tragic that there are so many who do not do so, but still condemn as immoral those of us whose morality is not derived from Judeo-Christian scripture.

I grew up Catholic, and although I remember being taught the Ten Commandments in Sunday school, I don’t recall any significant attempt to look at how they should be applied to real life. I am going to post your note on my blog and ask any Christian readers who happen to see it to let us know what kind of moral education they have had.

One last note – I’m not going to completely sympathize with your desire to get holidays back from the Christians. I’m an atheist with a tendency to co-opt Christian holidays, and I don’t want to have to stop (even though it does irritate some of them).

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