July 2007

I can see the brilliance or craftiness rather in your site and respect it… people who stumble upon your website and are actually concerned by it obviously are struggling with their faith anyway, to exploit that, poking someone randomly on their deepest level is an awesome way to to stir controversy/entertainment. ahh the beauty of the internet and completely irrelevant and random contact with people and thoughts around the world. All hail connectivity, keep up the good wor… um fun….

P.S. I am no longer a Christian because of this site and am promptly divorcing my wife of 6 years so i can go live with my mexican gardener Mario(hottay) in L.A.

Thanks for the encouragement! Regarding your “P.S” — I’m sorry to hear that you were forced into a less-than-desirable marriage by religion. I hope you and Mario will be very happy.

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