July 2007

LOL! Yeah, ok some holidays are a blast!!! Halloween for one!!! LOl dah! I see tour point and well taken..I never thought from your point of view…they HIDE behind the religion to prove something..from experience, I believe a lack of something in themselves or sheer want to do as they want and use church/religion as a way to repent.altho- it is not! I am remembering back to all my experiences…a baptist minister threatened to burn out my home with me husband and kids inside..because “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live” um..something lost in hebrew/english translation??? YES! in hebrew it was someone who poisoned wells to kill all the owners livestock etc..closest word that King James WANTED to use??? ahhh yep! WITCH. So this minister was going to deliver Gods justice..(again here we go judging, controling others) in the name of god.

You have a valid point with with learning but not learning to apply the 10 commandments..GOOD POINT!! I have battled with the christian religion, or really they with me for years, I am sure you understand…I believe in living peacefully, I should be able to claim my religion and not be burned, condemned or anything else..don’t like me??? Steer clear!!! I leave you alone! Let me be in peace also.

Thanks for posting my comment..my son, also wiccan showed me your site and knew I would be behind you 100% ..even tho- we are of two different beliefs..if I can accect you and you I ..because it is how we live our life..as good people… why in the world can’t others??? Good luck and best of wishes in your life endevors to open eyes and accomplish your dreams!!

The translation of “witch” is an interesting topic. Most modern translations (including the New King James) use the word “sorceress” in this passage. There are many items like this that the King James translation has inserted into our cultural vocabulary, and they are taken as gospel (if you’ll pardon the pun) to the point that people are sometimes surprised that not every Bible agrees.

One problem we have is that some Christians assume that Wiccans and atheists are, in some sense, “out to get them.” Atheism is not an attack on religion, it is just lack of religion. In the same sense, Wicca is not an attack on Christianity just because it isn’t Christianity. At least in the U.S., too many people’s view of non-Judeo-Christian beliefs comes directly from the media, and I think that leads to many of these problems.

You are correct that I am 100% behind you in your quest to live a good life. If we can all try to be moral, clear-thinking beings, then how we worship (or do not worship) is nobody else’s business.

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  1. Written by Morpheus
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    I’ve read this quote somewhere… it seems apt. “Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.”

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