September 2007

You have quite an interesting site, and as an atheist and an ex-evangelist (indoctrinated from birth), I think you’re doing a great job!

But just some passing thoughts…

For some reason the lack of a belief in something you can’t see or study is looked down upon. In fact, in this universe, material is all that really matters. That which is not material or part of its properties do not exist. It’s funny that a god, especially as powerful as the one described in various holy books would not commend humans in their logic and reason, and perhaps leave clues that he does indeed exists. But as we learn more through science and study, the presence and powers of all so-called gods shrink. Understanding replaces ignorance, logic replaces superstition, and all gods eventually fade away.

I’ve never been ridiculed for not believing in Zeus, Thor, fairies, nymphs, and unicorns, so why should i be ridiculed for no believing in a Judeo-Islamic-Christian fantasy love-hate god.

I forgot who said it, and although it may never be understood by religious zealots of this age, it has to be said:

“When you understand your reasons for dismissing other’s gods, then you can understand why i dismiss yours.”

keep up the good work!

Thanks for the nice letter!

That said, I am going to disagree with you (mildly) on a few items.

When you say that the material universe is all that matters, you are correct only insofar as materialism is correct. Your next sentence says that nothing immaterial exists, but I don’t think that the nonexistence of the immaterial can be proven. Rather, I would say that there is no proof of the immaterial and therefore it is not relevant — making much the same argument you do but avoiding asserting an unprovable negative.

I would also disagree with the statement that science and study shrinks the powers and presence of gods. I would say that science and study diminishes (and, at this point, has eliminated) the need for gods. The different between our statements seems to be purely linguistic, however.

I completely agree with your bafflement at why a creator god wouldn’t be please with His creations’ use of their intellect. A few religious fundamentalists treat reason as if it’s a tool of Satan, and that just strikes me as weird.

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