September 2007

I find it rather interesting. The whole atheist ideas and catholics who make you guilt trip to another human being. I personally don’t dwell on such happenings. Religion was never something that ever caught my attention. It’s like a trend. It hop scotches everywhere it goes. When it crosses my path, I let it go on right by. I’ve been to enough funerals (14) to know that we are born, we live, we die. Nothing can change that. And if there’s a party in the after life, let it be hell, purgatory, heaven, or becoming one with the universe, so be it. And the amount of funerals is 4 years off of my age. Being 18 years old and having to go through that kind of realization, makes God or Allah not exist. True, miracles happen. Actually, if you ask me, you just got lucky. But no one lives till they’re 879 years old.

Do what you will. Live how you want. Believe whatever you want to believe. But, when it comes to shoving religions down peoples throats so hard they puke it back in your face, it’s best to leave it be. Why do you think the middle east is so angry. Most of it’s religion. They’re still playing the “I’m right, you’re wrong” crap and blowing eachother up in the name of whatever god or martyr they choose.

I stick to my own world. Let it be believing in some sort of higher power or not. Then again, I am a female scientist. We were made from rocks! Believe that.

If that offended you. Think of how I feel when you walk around saying two people created the entire human race. Now that is messed up. Think about it. We’re all somehow related? It’s incest I tell you!

I don’t want to look at someone and say damn he’s cute but then say wait he could be my 1,0000th cousin. NO! That’s just complete filth.

Oh, and don’t forget about the aliens.

They’re watching us.

While I agree with much of what you say, I’m a little less inclined to disinterest in the beliefs of others than you are. I agree that beliefs shouldn’t be forced on others, and I agree that people have the right to believe as they will, but I think that everyone with a strong personal moral philosophy (whether religious or not) is in a sense compelled to at least make it available to others, unless they truly believe that all sets of beliefs are equal (which you obviously do not).

Think of it this way — if you believe other people are ruining their lives with superstition, aren’t you, in a sense, morally compelled to make sure that they are aware of alternatives? True, there are good ways and bad ways to go about this, but just letting others suffer for lack of knowledge or intellectual tools seems unethical to me. I would make the same argument for a religious person who believes that atheists are going to hell — aren’t they morally compelled to at least present an alternative?

And speaking of incest — don’t forget that there had to be some of what we would consider inbreeding after Noah’s flood, too. By the way, fundamentalist Christians don’t shy away from the fact that Adam and Eve’s children committed incest. But they don’t run around pointing it out, either.

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