September 2007

Hey dude not a bad site, but a couple of points….

Hitler was a Jew/christian. WWII was a war for christianity.

Einstein was an athiest.

Your US founding fathers intended religion to be sererate from the state, the United States was never meant to be a Christian nation. I beleive some of them were athiests themselves, and the whole war was about the US gaining religious freedom from the UK.

Your second and third statements are true, but I’d say your first and last ones are a little shakey. I don’t know that it has been proven that Hitler was Jewish (although I’ve heard that myself), and it’s extremely debatable that WWII was a war for Christianity as opposed to a war for German nationalism (or for Hitler’s ego).

I don’t know that any of the founding fathers were atheists, although many were certainly deists. And the American civil war was much more about political independence than religious independence.

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  1. Written by Barbara
    on August 1, 2010 at 8:02 pm
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    Benjamin Franklin was agnostic, if I remember correctly. He and several other Founding Fathers also believed in UFO’s.

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