September 2007

I didn’t actually expect you to write back I was just gonna make my point and leave but oh well now that you have replied, I think we should’nt be placed in some sort of religion if we dont beleive in anything. It seems that no matter what you actually beleive you are always going to be classed as some religion, just like if you live in say…England or the USA you are always going to be classed as a citizen/part of that country weather you consider yourself one or not. I dont see the point in religion atall. I mean, who decided they would name people who didn’t beleive in any god anyway(atheists)? All religion does is start wars. Plus I am not any kind of satanist, I just said “if any”, like if i must be classed as a religion no matter what.

There are many religions and many problems I find with those religions but really I couldn’t give a toss what they do as long as it dont effect me, and to be honest that’s what humanity is all about, itself. Or is it just me? nah. Jimi Hendrix and Iron Maiden (‘Maiden are not satanists) are freakin’ awesome. Sorry if my grammar ain’t that great I’m in year 9 lol

I would disagree with your extreme negative view of religion. Religion can lead to many positive things. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t do so more often.

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