September 2007

Hello, I am generally a non-religious person, although I sometimes pretend to be at Christmastime so I’ll get presents from my dad.. I was reading your ‘arguments against’ page, and I found something I felt was kinda wrong. Your theist said, “God is perfect, and He couldn’t be perfect if He didn’t exist, which proves that He exists.” And then your atheist replied, “No, it just proves he isn’t perfect.” I generally find that something that exists solely in my head is more perfect than something that actually exists outside of myself. For example, the bed that I hope to snatch up next year at college does not squeak, is soft and fluffy, is exactly the right height, and does not have questionable stains on the mattress. It is, therefore, perfect. Such a bed does not exist at my college.

So, if I was the atheist replying to that statement, I would probably say, “The fact that God is perfect proves that he(/she/it) does not exist.” Of course, I would have to find another argument if the god my theist believed in was Zeus…

I see what you’re saying, but wouldn’t the imaginary bed be “more perfect” if it was exactly as you imagined it and existed?

I think the important point of your argument is that the wonderful imaginary bed does not exist at your college, and your ability to imagine it does not prove that it does exist.

As an aside, this is one of my favorite arguments for the existence of God, largely because it is so, on the face of it, silly that I’m amazed anyone ever uses (or used) it.

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