September 2007


I just recently found this blog (I think it was through I Am Bored), and it’s realy good. It’s great. It’s simply fantastic.

Why? simply because somebody finaly bothers to answer the theists.

Religion isn’t bad by itself, but the believers does a lot of weird things. First of all, they (well, many of them) never bother to try and understand our arguments. How many times haven’t I heard “I didn’t come from a monkey” or (quoted) “if that’s true, why don’t monkeys start turning into humans right now?

First of all, that’s just plain stupid. The evolution theory is so much more complicated than any religion ever thought up. Theists (still not all) finds it hard to understand that this happened over a far longer time that we can understand. Million of years changed something slowly. So, yes, you came from a monkey. Your grand grand^200k parents looked more like monkeys than they looked like you.

secound, I get this feeling that they think that we have this weird kind of religion that centers around the evolution theory. We just believe that it’s true, but most of us basicaly don’t care. Like in our (norwegian) school, we don’t learn shit about the evolution theory, we just learn how DNA works. That’s cool enough. In countries where religion is taught at school, they hear a lot more about it than we do. Like in Israel, where the kids get questions like “what’s the not-true theory about how the world was made called?” (our paper said that they get that kind of questions. Don’t kill me, kill them).

Isn’t that wrong? To tell the kids that “thinking that is wrong”?

Realy, I kinda get the feeling that many Americans (again, not all, not even most, but many) have this kinda weird belief in democracy. They have to bring this holy thing to all of the earth to make thing better. But still they are realy realy seriously afraid that their children will think diffrent ways, and chose other things. That they shouldn’t be believers. But isn’t democracy just about that?

At the end of this (long)… errr… tribute-to-you-thingy, I’d like to ask, is there anyone that isn’t christians that post here? Other than Atheists and agnostics? Do you get mails from jews or muslims?

thank you for your time. And if you ever post this, be sure to let people see my mail adress ( If people have comentaries, let them send them to me.

I think it’s unfortunate that much dismissal of evolution is based on incorrect descriptions of it. Similarly, many criticism of religion are based on a misunderstanding (or overgeneralization) of religion. We would all be better off trying to understand those we disagree with and attempting to find common ground where possible.

Regarding who e-mails me — I publish most of my correspondence on this blog, so you can see that most of what I get is from Christians and the non-religious. I have heard from Jewish and Islamic readers, but only infrequently. I welcome everyone’s e-mail, though!

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