September 2007

I have to disagree with this guy who says that atheism is not a religion. If religion was simple superstition, as he implies, he might have a point, but it isn’t. Believing that there is a god is a religious belief, so why should believing that there is not be different? It’s an opinion on the same topic, just a different opinion. If you’re the sort that figures you have to be a member of a congregation, or have meetings, to have a religion, well, there is an atheist church, as silly as it sounds. Of course, by that definition, Alcoholics Anonymous is a church, too.

Believing that there is no god might be characterized as a religious belief (if it is statement of faith). However, I don’t state that gods do not exist — I say that I see no reason to believe in gods. That is not a statement of faith. Give me evidence, and I will change my mind.

If I understand correctly, Alcoholics Anonymous requires its participants to believe in a “higher power.” That sounds kind of religious to me.

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