September 2007

Umm.. I’ve been an atheist for a while. (I like the smaller “a” as opposed to the capped “A”.. I’m not real fond of labels) And I outed myself in the local paper. Some in my family have since black-listed me. Now that I’ve outed myself again.. will I have to put up with even more black-listing? (Please say “No”)

Very sorry to hear about the reaction of some in your family. I went through a bit of this myself, where some relatives wanted to know why I had “turned my back on the church” and such things. At least in my case, it took a while before my family understood that I wasn’t rejecting or reacting to or turning my back on anything. I had just come to a different set of beliefs.

Be patient. Keep being a good person. Hopefully, your good nature will shine through and end the blacklisting.

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