September 2007

My first language is Icelandic so I hope this reads ok.

I am an atheist, I don’t believe in a god, I have however experienced things that have led me to believe that there may be supernatural (not explained by science) things out there i.e. “spirits” and some form of telepathy.

I don’t think any literature exists that explains these things to my liking, At least I haven’t found any, and the Bible certainly does not. Science seems sensible to me, and until a system of thought emerges that explains the wonders of the world better I consider myself content with science. Although, I must admit, it does not explain my beforementioned experiences. But perhaps it one day will. Science evolves as more things become known (as in proven by scientific logic) and not because it gives into social pressure as is the case with Christian religion and probably most religion.

I think religion is a force that divides peoples/nations and causes more bad than good. I have no statistics to back that statement up, it is simply my general feeling after 30 years of living. I often think about this issue and therefore like to read websites that discuss atheism and religion. Your website is by far the best such site I have stumbled upon, and your replies the most down-to-earth, polite and respectful I have seen on this topic.

Way to often do atheists while discussing reduce their take on religion to bickering about passages in the Bible and often fall into the trap of becoming overly emotional and arrogant.

You however consistently show respect for your correspondents and reply in a thoughtful and enlightening manner.

I see nothing wrong with using science to investigate what appears to be supernatural or paranormal. Even though I am not convinced such things exist, I think that science has all the tools necessary for investigation and applaud your thinking in that direction.

I think that religion can be very helpful for some people, but that it tends to have negative consequences when it become entangled with government, politics, and other large-scale constructs.

I agree that atheists too often get mired in religion- or Bible-bashing, and will go a step further and say that atheists often make the same logical mistakes that theists do when discussing these subjects. That said, I don’t mind bickering about Bible passages and such, and wish I got more e-mail about such things.

Thanks for writing!

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