September 2007

I have been reading through the comments posted on this site, and I must say, I was rather amused. I agree whole-heartedly with what I have read from you (note that I have not read everything, leaving room for error) and the only thing I see wrong with this site, is the people taking offence. Especially that mother who punished her child, which is sad… knowledge doesn’t equate to Godlessness, it just means she accepts there may be alternatives. That 15 year old girl should be commended, not punished.

I wish you all the best, and hope more can learn to laugh about themselves, and more importantly, their beliefs.

I agree that we’d all be better if more people took themselves less seriously.

On a more serious note, I did receive a couple of e-mails (that I am unable to quote here because I’ve been asked not to) telling me that I shouldn’t “stick my nose” into another parent’s business. Well, I like my nose where it is, thank you very much <G>

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