September 2007

intresting website you have set up, the most informational about atheism ive seen so far. Im curious, what made you become an athiest? for me simply running into your site made me realise how silly the idea of a almingty entity is.

The answer to “Why did I become an atheist?” is “Because I thought about religion.” That comes off as kind of flip, but it’s essentially the truth.

I did have a number of experiences during my journey from Christian to atheist that were very formative, but none of them is “the” reason. I had moments of realization that stand out in particular in my mind, and I used to give these as the reason for my change of thought but no longer do so because of how religious people handled the information.

The fact is that my atheism was not the result of a single incident, but the culmination of years of investigation, research, discussion, and thought. To say any less would feel like belittling the experience.

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